UV Light Systems

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UV Light Systems for Air Quality Enhancement

Indoor air quality is crucial for a healthy home, often overlooked. While air filters and humidity control help with some pollutants, UV germicidal lights are best against viruses and bacteria. Comfort Ness Heating & Cooling in DeKalb County has 15+ years of experience in UV light installation, repair, and maintenance. UV light, trusted in medical settings, is effective for homes too. We assist in selecting and installing UV light systems tailored to your needs and budget, with 24/7 emergency services and a satisfaction guarantee. Call us to discover the benefits of UV light services.

Advantages of UV Light Systems in Your Home:

While some homeowners may be new to the concept of UV light for home use, the benefits are substantial. UV germicidal lights excel in reducing airborne illnesses by targeting viruses and bacteria that are too small for standard filters to catch. For more information on how UV lights can fortify your home against microorganisms, consult with the knowledgeable team at Comfort Ness Heating & Cooling.

UV Light Installation:

Optimally placed in your ductwork or air handler, UV light systems engage with the entirety of your home’s circulating air. Positioned after your air filters, UV lights work more efficiently, as the filters remove larger particles that could obstruct the UV light’s path. Our quick and proficient installation process ensures your system will be up and running promptly, typically within a single day.

UV Light Repair and Maintenance:

UV light systems need occasional repairs. Our certified technicians at Comfort Ness Heating & Cooling are trained to handle them, staying updated on industry advancements. Regular inspections of hidden UV systems are vital for proactive maintenance. Our thorough checks ensure your system works efficiently, giving you peace of mind about your home’s air quality

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